2 x Cocktail Decoration Acrylic Painting Kit


2 x Cocktail decoration Acrylic Painting Kit

Every Acrylic Painting Kit includes your chosen piece of pottery, a strip of 8 multicolour mini acrylic pots as well as a fantastic strip of 6 glitter paint pots to add that extra SPARKLE !

Glitter can be painted over the top of the acrylic paint once dried, no need for glue :)

Acrylic paints are incredibly strong and durable. Ideal for painting onto Pottery, Wood, Cardboard etc. Acrylic paints are for decorative items ONLY, not for using on pieces to eat or drink from. We always recommend wearing old clothes or an apron as it can be difficult to wash these paints out of clothes.

These items do NOT need to be fired or glazed. You can spray with a clear varnish if you wish to after painting.

Measurements - 10cm x 8cm

Please contact me with any questions,

Carrie x